Jul 25

The i52 HighLANder Tournament


Hey guys, all is welcome in the i52 HighLANder tournament. There’s no skill requirement, just create or find a team and join in.

Sign Ups:

Team Sign ups are open from now until the first proper day of LAN, Fri the 23rd at 8pm UK.You can sign up here team here. If you know your seat number already let me know that so that I can post it up and we can find each other easier.


Building HYPE! HYPE! HYPE!

The week before LAN on the Sunday, we will be having a HYPE CUP with some of the Highlander teams appearing at i52. As its hard to guarantee who will be in the LAN team, I will allow 3 mercs that wont be at LAN. The other 6 players need to at least have a BYOC LAN ticket to be valid. This will be casted by GPS! More info on this soon!


How the LAN tourny will work:

I will post up group stages after the sign ups deadline, you will be able to find them here. Teams will be able to see their group fixtures, and who to contact to set up a suitable time via steam or strolling over to their seat number. There will be no fixed match times in this tournament so that people can still play 6s or Hearthstone or whatever and still enjoy some Highlander when they have free time!

After the group stages are over, the top 2 teams will go through. 1st will play 2nd from the second group, 2nd will play 1st from the first group. From here we will have the consolation finals and the grand finals. The grand finals should hopefully be on the main i52 stream, this will have a fixed time that I will find out closer to the date.

Hoping to get lots of casts set up during the weekend. We will most likely only have 1 highlander server, so who ever is playing will have a chance of being casted. This will be confirmed closer to the day.


Submitting Results:

After each game someone from the team should submit results. This is dead easy just select submit results from the drop down bar above or click here. Fill in the boxes and press send. I will then update the tournament tree as soon as I see it.


Rules, Maps and shit:

All rules, maps and prizes etc can be found here.

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