Jun 06

Last nights cup results, TF2OSL Sniping cup & T-A! Halcyon vs Sad Boys tonight!

T-A! Surprise in last nights ETF2L Experimental Cup!

Lets start off this post with the results of last nights cup. Team#1 entered to represent T-A with a lot of help from friends.
Only 4 out of the 9 players were from the team#1 roster, calling in favours from the community we managed to put together a team, and it turns out this make-shift team was pretty damn strong!

Crazy asked an old ‘<3’ pal and roped in former spy Father Dougal to cover for myself on Heavy, we made a new friend and invited Sneaky! to come along and spy for us, and veteran T-A members Payne, Russian Guyovich & Just1s filled in Engie, Demo and Soldier.

Round 1:
Team#1 took on the ‘turn up and play’ attitude to the cup and set off with a bang, scoring 3-0 against KSV‘s polish friends PubHeroes on Koth_fuel in round 1.

Round 2:
Next up was Div1 aspiring and Team#1’s old pals from last season, lods of emone. There was a slightly bitter taste in the air as competition between the two teams has always been fierce. Due to the amount of mercs we were holding, we expected to get 5-0’d but went in there with a ‘whats the worst that can happen’ attitude. 
The gates open and Russian Guyovich splendidly failed his roll out as demoman, Team1 was quickly pushed out of mid and a roll started to happen, quickly giving Emone an early point lead.
Zero fucks were given however as our Scottish demoman took another swig of his alcoholic beverage, got in the zone and beasted his way to middle, out playing the Emone demoman Yak and securing middle for T-A!
From here on is where the magic started happening, and by magic, I’m referring to the size of Bonecrushers testicles which took control of the entire round, dom’ing the medic and enemy sniper, creating so much room for T-A to move and saw them pushing through to last point, capping and tying up the game.

Lots of pushing and shoving took place from then on till the end of the 30 minute time limit. The Majority of the 3rd round was on lods of emones turf, with T-A nipple hairs away from capping a second point.

Crazy like Crazyman:
Here is an example of one of the pushes on to last point, when all looks lost, Crazyman lives up to his name and gets a Med pick on a Kritzed Medic.

So the map ended in 1-1 after 30 minutes, but due to the nature of a knock out cup, there had to be a winner. A golden cap round was called for. Team#1 dug their heels in and capped a round off to win 2-1 and send themselves through to the semifinals!

Communication is key:
Here’s a great play by Russian Guyovich, the Demo and Crazyman, on medic during the golden cap round against lods of emone.

Semi finals:
Next up was pl_rust in the Semi Finals of the cup, where T-A! was paired up with Polish warriors Wege Rak.
Now I’m not making excuses but Wege Rak clearly had a game plan for this map, every one of their holds seemed well thought out and really well done on their part. 
Sneaky, our spy, had to leave half way through the map and we drafted in Carlotso to replace him. Russian was getting more drunk as the cup went on and told us he was no longer ‘in the golden zone for alcohol’ and after playing TF2 for over 3 hrs the team decided to risk it for a biscuit playing overly aggressive and just had fun.

Team#1 lost pl_rust and we’re knocked out of the cup in the Semi’s.
Massive well done to the team that played last night, a very encouraging display and banked us yet another 3rd place for the stats page ;D

Stats, Vods & logs:
Round 1 vs. Pub Heroes (koth_fuel)
Match page

Quarter Final vs. loads of emone (cp_intermodal)
Match page
Logs 1
Logs 2 (golden cap)
VOD (the one to watch)

Semi Final vs. Wege Rak (pl_aids)
Match Page
Logs 1
Logs 2


A quick shout out to T-A! Community friends Sigma, who were resurrected from the depths of troll hell and managed to also get themselves in to the Semi Finals before losing out of Team Nein.

TF2OSL’s Sniper Cup Taking Place Tonight!

Team-Awesome have put together a team of sharp shooters to enter the TF2OSL sniper cup taking place this evening.
The team consists of Bonecrusher, FriendlyCow & TSM (lars)

Their first match kicks off at 19:15CEST and their opponents are Hobps, which contains none other than our new spy friend Sneaky!. So that will be an interesting match up!

Check out the cup brackets below:

ETF2L 6v6 Tonight – T-A! Halcyon vs Sad Boys – 7:45pmGMT+1/8:45pmCEST


And lastly, tonight our boys in blue and white are playing their Week 4 official on CTF_Turbine and Process. With any luck they will be using a T-A! Server and peeps can watch them play on the STV. 

Best of luck to you!

Lastly, if anyone fancy’s writing articles/interview for the benefit of the community, don’t hesitate to contact me. It doesn’t have to be about TF2 or about T-A! It’s dead easy and the more the merrier!

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