Jun 05

Team#1 Competing in Experimental HL Cup Tonight!


Tonight T-A!’s oldest living highlander team, Team#1 is competing in ETF2L’s Experimental HL Cup.

Due to it being summertime, lots of people are busy so the roster tonight is somewhat different to the norm. 
We’ve dragged in Sneaky to spy for us, Father Dougal to heavy for us and called in favours from Russian Guyovich, Payne and Just1s to Demo, Engie & Soldier.
This does mean that there is only 4 people from the Team1 roster playing tonight, but none the less, it should be fun!

Tonight’s Roster:
Scout: WastedPrime
Pyro: The Lonely Walrus
Sniper: Bonecrusher
Heavy: Father Dougal
Medic: Crazyman
Demo: Russian Guyovich
Spy: Sneaky
Engie: Payne
Soldier: Just1s

20:00 – Ro16 – koth_fuel_a4
20:45 – Ro8 – cp_intermodal_rc3a
21:30 – Ro4 – pl_rust_b7

As with all of these cups, it uses a knock out system to eliminate teams. So we will only be in the cup as long as we win matches!
No pracitce has gone in to the maps and I dont think anyone has ever even played them, but that should be common for most teams to be honest.

Games should be played on T-A!’s Match 1 if given the chance, this means the STV IP to watch games will be connect

Crazymans Stream: Medic POV

Watch live video from 1Crazyman2 on www.twitch.tv

So first match is up against PubHereos in Round 1 at 7pm GMT+1/8pmCEST!

Best of luck lads!


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