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An Interview with Whoota – KSV’s Team Captain

After KSV’s recent success in various Highlander leagues, I thought it’d be best to catch up with the chief and see what’s been going on.
Let the interview commence;

[T-A!] Rob: Hey Whoota, hows it going? Is it alright if I pick your brains for the T-A! community and find out what’s making KSV tick with such a successful attitude lately?

[T-A!] Whoota: Victory. I guess that’s what’s making KSV tick. Kinda awkward though, I just got back from a rather disappointing scrim, but there certainly is a high level of confidence brewing in KSV, and that translates to a significant amount of motivation on everyone’s part. Confidence that is partly coming from our results in wireplay and the positive attitude of the team, and partly from the renewed line-up that is now bursting with some big name players.

[T-A!] Rob!: Yep, I find confidence to be one of the greatest tools to success! 
I’m glad you’ve brought up Wireplay first, lets roll back a couple of months for the readers and get them and my self up to speed with that.
As I understand it, you as a team decided to boycott ETF2L and focus on Wireplay last season. This obviously worked well as it brought home Gold in Wireplay and raised everyone’s morale.
What was the reasoning to the focus on Wireplay, why pick Wireplay over ETF2L? And most importantly have you used the server you won in Wireplay yet?!?!


T-A’s Killer Sandviches placing first in Wireplay Season 12

[T-A!] Whoota: Boycott is a big word, but we kind of did unanimously vote against playing ETF2L. 
All our campaigns in ETF2L (save for one cup) have ended rather disappointingly or disastrously. Several players have expressed their disain for the admins’ ineptitude to properly divide teams into their respective divisions. 
There’s also the way ETF2L is planned; with open dates so you need to play a “Game of Defaults” to get a favourable playtime. So, as an alternative we picked Wireplay for a number of reasons. 
Firstly just because it was a different league with a different attitude to league play in general. Secondly because the map pool was rather different and a nice change of pace. And lastly because that free server was on the line. On that matter by the way: I still haven’t gotten any word about that. So I haven’t even seen it…figuratively speaking. I have some plans for it, but right now it isn’t on my mind.

[T-A!] Rob!: Ah best get on to b0nes then and claim your prize!
So after you finished Wireplay in 1st, you fixed your eyes on UGC Summer season competing in Silver League.
You’ve won your first 2 official matches putting you at the top in joint 1st with 4 other teams.
Tell me a bit about your new roster you have put together for UGC, what have the new players brought to the table, im sure people have seen them chatting away on the forums, but not sure of what classes they play.

[T-A!] Whoota: The roster consists of many mainstays and a lot of returning members as well some new meat. Returning members include Bonecrusher, Just1s and Doubledeath (who had officially left the UGC roster, but never really did leave. We’re also happy to welcome back MrMountains, who has come out of retirement to emasculate us some more on a different level of play. New members include Insight, Hank, and MDNZ, who are covering for Spy, Sniper and Demoman respectively.
[T-A!] Whoota: Oh! I’m forgetting Cinder, who is covering Soldier for when Cow isn’t around.
[T-A!] Whoota: He’s on leave right now, so he kind of slipped my mind there. All in all though, I was happy to attract so many players for this tournament. It helps to cover a lot of thin patches when you move into an off-season like summer. Especially since the first few week overlap with many people’s exams.


[T-A!] Rob!: Yep a big roster is usually a healthy one!
Lets talk matches now then. I have your UGC Match history open on my screen and ive got to say there are a lot of green W’s, even from last season!
Your preseason game went rather well against <3, winning that 5-0 on cp_granary. 
Week 1 looks a little more interesting, a 2-1 Victory over Good Enough. If you can remember, what happened in that match up on pl_upward? Any spectacular moments or embarressing moments? And MVP’s for the team?

[T-A!] Whoota: Planning Upward was the start of the fight, because we were up against a formidable opponent, as well as missing our main medic. As such I opted to field MDNZ to provide support for MrMountains, who would be covering for Bolly. 
Our tactics could be outlined as possible: Break their lines and make for their spawn while the cart is pushed. 
On defense we’d pull out one point at time, so never ceding one without a fight, but do ensure enough time is given to the combo and me (the engineer) to set up on the next point. Simple plan, though in retrospect everything seemed a bit stagnant. Both our teams stuck with the same hold spots and entrenchments each round. We had stronger holds on second, while they held last much more effective. 
I recall some really strong plays from our combo at third where we kept pushing the enemy back down the slope until a well placed snipe from their sniper forced us to retreat. And then there was one more iffy thing that pretty much saved our ass…

[T-A!] Rob!: The more iffy thing?

[T-A!] Whoota: The infamous ghost cart glitch bestowed its boons upon us. After a rather modest push on last we nearly got wiped and were forced back. The cart had its wheels against the ramp, but we couldn’t tip it in. Then, as the enemy moved out to push is further back, and the cart was well on its way back round the corner the glitch triggered and it ended the round. 
You should see it on the stv, it looks completely messed up.

[T-A!] Rob!: Haha! A little help from the mighty Gaben!
[T-A!] Rob!: I’ll have to dig up a video of that

[T-A!] Whoota: The stv link is in the match thread I think.
[T-A!] Whoota: No, it isn’t. But I have it in an arm’s reach

[T-A!] Rob!: Ah ok, no worries!
So lets talk Week 2, which happened on Monday just gone. You took a great 5-1 Victory over PubHereos who you have previously beaten in Wireplay last season, proving it was no fluke!
Any crazy shenanigans occur in this match up? No help from the mighty Gaben with that one? 
Any MVP’s you can recall? Any gossip? Any rage?


[T-A!] Whoota: Noted a moment of rage occurred in the first round where bolly flew completely off the handle when he got sniped right as he strolled out of spawn. It was quite amazing to be fair. No, it was a textbook match with our defences proving to be a definite help because most of the rounds won came after a long defensive play, after which we’d push out on the opponent’s failed attacks. Great spy awareness by everyone helped keep the train rolling. Noted plays obviously include Endreo and Insight, our Sniper and Spy respectively, who expertly thinned out the enemy horde before a push on a shockingly consistent basis. And lets not forget Cow and his conch that simply acted as a second übercharge.

[T-A!] Rob!: Haha, i did notice you dropping in chat.
Great to see your assassination classes popping heads and getting kills.
Is KSV a big fan of map talks? Tactics drilled in? Or are you more of a wing it kind of team?

[T-A!] Whoota: Map talks, not really. Post scrim performance reviews are more our thing. I try to make them as meaningful as possible. 
“Winging it” isn’t our style. We generally have a scrim to prepare us for the match on a particular map, and following that we discuss the pros and cons and try to go from there. However, as Sun Tzu says: “Water changes course, based on the ground over which it flows. As in war, there are no constants, you must always adapt.” So most tactics come as we play. 
Certain maps like Steel could really do with some basic plan though.

[T-A!] Rob!: Thats a good way of doing it, do you have any plans for this up coming Monday on lakeside when you take on Clessclub Junior in UGC?
I cant help but notice two Prem names on that roster, Scissors and Khazul. So looks like your deathmatching skills will be put to the test on this one.

[T-A!] Whoota: I might need to put my diplomatic skills to the test, because if they’re really playing Premiership league in ETF2L at this time than I need to see the admin because that is against rules. However, should it come to that, we’ll be in for a wild ride, but I have confidence we’ll figure out to keep them down if we need to. 
A team is only as good as the sum of its parts; a carry can do a lot, but a team that lifts can do much, much more.

[T-A!] Rob!: Yep, they may be offclassing or coaching for the Highlander Open tourny starting soon. Just saw them on the roster is all.
Lastly lets finish up this interview with a question on the Whoota special. All the naming items you do for MVPs. Tell the community a little something about that, what is it, why do you do it? What does the team get out of it?

[T-A!] Whoota: It’s a reward for the player who has made the biggest waves in the past week. And that means waves inside and outide the game. It first began as a small form of motivation to try that extra bit harder, and if you did your name would be emblazoned on one of my weapons or items. I’d parade your name around as an advertisement. I thought it was kind of selfish, but people seemed to like the idea and the names and phrases, so it stuck. And after one season I stepped it up by also giving players a customised item. And I also made a scene out of it with the big threads and all, which generated a lot of positive buzz. I like doing it, and people congratulate eachother, providing a positive mood for everyone. Some members are more into it than other, but I’ve seen the newer lads light up at the idea, and since people are donating to the cause now, it has become a form of community recognision for your efforts, which is basically the best kind of praise anyone can get.

[T-A!] Rob!: Brilliant!
Alright, lets end the interview here as its getting rather lengthy. 
Cheers for the interview Whoota and best of luck on Monday!

[T-A!] Whoota: Wish the team luck. I’ll be shamelessly banging my head to Metallica.


KSV’s current standing’s in UGC Summer Season which is going on as we speak

Bonus content – Crazyman’s reaction when showing him a UGC team that stole his old Highlander teams name and tag, Less Than Three <3
KSV beat them 5-0 in pre-season week.


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