Jan 28

961403T-A! vs Team See? Results!

T-A! vs Team See? Results!

End result was 2 – 1 to Team See?.

We’ve proven today that working as a solid team really pays off! Our opposition today was Team See? full of Div 1, 2 3 and 4 players, proving to be our most challenging team yet.

The first round kicked off and T-A was completely taken by suprise, their demo and solly were constantly bombing us pushing us back, we managed to get a couple of picks, but it wasnt enough to win the round.

Then second round happened. We knew what was coming, we knew the players they had up their sleeve and reacted accordingly. We dug right in and defending as long as we could, dragging their time out to 10 minutes. Our turn was up next and we managed to cap it in 7 and a half minutes. They had no idea what had just happened! This forced a tie breaker.

We then readied our self up for the final round and could quite get that win. We played so well today guys, and against such a hard team. Well done, all players should be so proud of themselves.

Man of the match for meĀ  today would be between Ucore with his excellent push backs and Siclers picks on classes, and even dominating their div 1 sniper twice.

All in all amazing work. Keep this up and I see no reason why we can’t make the play offs!


For people who want to watch the game, or study their div 1,2 and 3 players actions: https://rapidshare.com/files/3082468984/auto-20120128-1513-pl_badwater.zip

EDIT: Unfortuantly that source tv started recording when we did the team talk at 2:30 lol, so open console, type in Demoui. Next to Go To, type in 691403, give it 2 minutes to load, then itll be at the start of the match for you.

If like me that crashes your tf2, type im demoui2 in to console, stick it on 600%, walk away from the pc for 15 minutes and come back when its at 2hours and 52 minutes. Thats when our match starts lol.


Jolly Ranchers:

Our good friends Jolly Ranchers have their first round in UGC on Monday at 18:30 GMt/ 17:30 CET.

If anyone is around then be sure to log on to their source tv (connect ugc.jrtf2.com:27020) and support them in their UGC match! Good luck Ranchers!


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  1. sorry i lost the 3rd game gg every you played really well

  2. whats going on with source tv, i fast forwarded to about 30 minutes of footage and there was nothing there , is this the real source film?

  3. it could be because there was a massive gap in play where they had to wait for a guy

  4. nah lol it started recording after the team talk, if you fast forward to 2 hours and 52 minutes, the match starts. Or skip to the tick i editted into the post.

    Match is definately there.

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