Apr 07

T-A!: KSV take home Gold in Wireplay!


Felt the need to big up KSV’s Gold medal they have earned over on wireplay. Finishing with a point difference of +16 and winning every map, they comfortably took 1st place in Wireplays Division 4!

Good job lads!


Jan 26

The Awesome Cup#2 Kicks off today at 5pmGMT/6pmCET/9amPST!


Casted by eXtvESports 


Today is the day we have been looking forward to for months! The first round of the cup kicks off today at 5pmGMT/6pmCET/9amPST.


First round being casted is Game F, Bote Salva Vidas vs Team Nein. 

We’ve picked this round for casting as last season in Division 3B, these guys came 1st and 2nd in the group. And when they played off against each other, they won 3 points a piece. Bote were the only team last season to take a game off Team Nein, who have now been promoted to Division 2 due to winning the group. 

Link to the game they last played: http://etf2l.org/matches/45278/

A message to all team leaders, please be in the team leader chat around 15 minutes before the cup starts, you can access it via the steam group called team leaders Rob should of invited you too. If your having trouble feel free to message Rob and he should be able to sort you out.

All casted games today are to be played on the casting server, you’ll be instructed if your being casted. Rest of the games should be played on your own server.

On payload and attack/defend maps, the lower division seed team will attack first. This is to ensure no extremely short maps happen as it is all best of 1.

There is a 10 minute default win rule, so if you don’t start in 10 minutes, your out! Each team is allowed 1 pause each lasting no longer than 4 minutes. If your a man down you must carry on or take a default loss.


Teams should report results using the submit results form in the Awesome Cup drop down menu. Alternatively click here.

Jan 22

The Awesome Cup#2 Confirmed Teams and Brackets!


Here are the teams playing in the cup!

1) Chessclub
2) Highpanda
3) Killswitch
4) Sookie
5) itsallgood

1) Splendid Gaming
2) PremTech

1) After Dark
2) Skills To Pay The Bills
3) Team Colonslash
4) Team Nein

1) Team-Awesome
2) Unpoppable
3) TRG Gaming
4) It’s Gamesense
5) Bote

1) Hulk Hogans Real Americans
2) iPn
3) Pussy Hunters
4) Totemo Kawaii

1) Team Gidro Coféeee
2) MaxPlay

1) Nutters
2) Killersandviches

Teams on standby:
Team David
Itchy Bullets


Brackets are now LIVE!

Jan 18

The Awesome Cup#2 Highlander Sign ups are now open!


Jan 12

T-A!’s UltiDuo Community Cup – Knock Out Finals Results!


Finally, the finals were played in the UltiDuo tournament that started back in October! The two group winners played the two group runner ups to set the bronze match and final up. Due to Team GG being a man down and Daniel not being able to play Lars was forced to find a sub or give a default win.

Get Better comfortably beat Team GG 2-0 sending them straight to the finals. Next up was Who Work’s At Work? (famously named for always being on steam at work) vs The Foreskin Removers. Work took it 2-0 and bought themselves a ticket to the final.

In the 3rd place decider Team GG took tseini as a sub soldier and this enabled them to take the victory over Foreskin to take home 3rd place in the cup.

The Final was probably the most exciting UltiDuo match that T-A! has witnessed. Nobody could seem to hold an uber.  Rob dropped at 99% twice to steve, Wasted dropped when hit by 3 direct arrows from Rob who was sitting in spawn. Steve and Tanuki were very well matched, swapping dominance over and over. Who Work’s At Work? took the first round with around 40 seconds to spare. Next round it was a similar situation but Get Better took the win. Then the third round game, the end result wasn’t so close, Get Better seemed to have Work all figured out. The concentrated fire on Tanuki won them a few stand offs and eventually gave them comfortable lead, winning the round with 2 minutes left, and thus winning the cup!

Vods below!



GET BETTER – Medic: Wasted + Soldier: Steve


2m WHO WORKS AT WORK? – Medic: Rob & Soldier: Tanuki

3m TEAM GG – Medic: Lars & Soldier: Daniel/Enders/Tseini

4m The Foreskin Removers - Medic: Joey & Soldier: Double

Finals Highlight:


Jan 01

Team-Awesome! The Movie is released…

T-A! The Movie by ramoody

Dec 19

Mario Charity Marathon Saturday 21st of December! 7:30AM till late


So Myself and Luke are going to be streaming Mario games for charity over the saturday from 7:30am till late!

We are doing this to raise a bit of money for charity there will be a link/button for people to put donations on in the stream, the stream will be on twitch and can be watched at


I will be making a channel in mumble for you guys to come chat to us! WEBCAM WILL BE ON! so yeah if you want some old school nostalgia and some crickmore rage come and tune in and maybe donate to :)

Oct 31

T-A! Bring Home Gold in Wireplay! + 6′s Results + Fixtures Tonight!

wpT-A! took home Gold in Div 3 Wireplay last night and won themselves a server to use. Was a very close ending as you can see with GIGN only 1.5 points behind us! T-A! had to win their last game by 2-0 to keep the distance and avoid a play off match for 1st.
2-0 Badwater
1-0 Badwater http://logs.tf/118091
1-0 Badwater http://logs.tf/118130


Last nights 6′s results weren’t very exciting for Team-Awesome however, as they were issued a default win. This puts T-A! in a solid 2nd position. They can only take 1st if Imaginary Gaming lose to So Hard… who have lost to every single team so far.




Games tonight in ETF2L 6s.

Div 6 – Pornflakes vs T-A!: 6Lives – 7:30pmUK/8:30CET

STV: ???

Div 6 – Steaky Stealers vs T-A!: GRTD – 6:00pmUK/7:00pmCET

STV: ???



Oct 30

Last Nights Results, T-A!’s ETF2L 6s & T-A!’s Wireplay Final tonight!

It was a good night for 6′s!


6-0 – Get This Done vs Gra4i

4-3 Metal Works http://logs.tf/117625

4-3 Process http://logs.tf/117687


6-0 - T-A!: 6 Lives vs Marlboro&0xota

3-1 Metal Works http://logs.tf/117532

2-1 Process http://logs.tf/117579

Tonight’s Games:

Div 4 – T-A! vs Quo – 20:15UK/21:15CEST

STV IP: ???

WirePlay Div 3 – T-A! vs VE – 20:00UK/21:00CEST

STV IP: connect


Oct 29

UGC Results, ETF2L 6v6 Results and 6′ Matches Tonight

4-3 T-A!: KSV vs Pushkin – koth_ashville

Logs: http://logs.tf/116924
Sorry I slacked off over the weekend and forgot to do posts on games!
Last night KSV played their week 7 match on koth_ashville against Pushkin winning the game 4-3. Looked pretty clutch from the logs! This now puts KSV in the top 3 in UGC Steel!



6-0 T-A!: Div Shesh vs We Can’t Push Last

3-1 Viaduct http://logs.tf/116343
5-0 Snakewater http://logs.tf/116393
Div Shesh won their match pretty convincingly putting them in a solid second place in their Division.




Games Tonight!

Div 4 – Get This Done vs Gra4i – 7:30UK/8:30CEST 

STV IP: ???

Div 5 – T-A!: 6 Lives vs Marlboro&0xota – 5:00pmUK/6:00pmCEST

STV IP: ???





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